Scott Carson, Motivational Speaker

There is a simple fact to life: every step of the way, in everything you do, you will be faced with decisions. Scott calls them Storms. These storms can bring chaos and destruction, or they can bring new beginnings. The only difference is how you view the storm. You view it by the choices you make. 

Scott Carson delivers an empowering presentation that aims to arm his audience so that they can decide what to do when their future storms come. Then, they will stand tall knowing they only answer to themselves and they will determine the kind of person(s) they will be.

Scott dissects many of the situations young people find themselves in with their life, and he challenges them to "makes it good". Whether the viewer has a loving family or they're living on the streets, he will help to give them purpose to enhance how they see themself. If they're struggling with grades or they're on the honour roll, he'll drive them to supercharge their marks. If they've just been cut from a sports team or they're the team captain, he'll increase their performance. If they're heartbroken or madly in love, he'll make them have a zest for life.

In order to achieve his goal, Scott proves the power of confidence in oneself by combining his personal experiences, stories, and motivational quotes with an interactive workshop experience that will convince even the most downtrodden that they are the eye of their own electrifying storm.

Watch Scott in Action